External video XML

Some advertising products allow videos to be deployed using an external source as specified by VAST. Those are embedded as a URL to an XML file into a template of the Seznam.cz advertising system, which allows videos to be displayed within the player.

General rules for XML (VAST)



The file type

The video must be provided as a VAST XML URL following the IAB standard up to the 4.0 version.

External video types supported


Nielsen wrapper



Doubleclick IAS


Design requirements

  1. Each skippable video must have the skipoffset parameter set to 5 seconds in its VAST XML.
    <linear skipoffset="00:00:05"></linear>
  2. The audio track of a video clip must not be significantly quieter/louder than that of a standard video.
  3. Advertising must not contain interactive elements (only the target URL clickthrough is allowed).
  4. It is allowed to use the VPAID or OMID technologies for additional tracking in the XML, unless the specification of the given advertisement format says otherwise.


All external display and tracking codes used in the XML must comply with the rules for external codes (e.g. support of the HTTPS protocol).

Target URL

When using VAST, the target URL address to the client's site must be included in the XML file.

External impression tracking

When using VAST, the URL for the 1×1 px tracking image must be includeddin the XML file (unless otherwise stated within the technical specification of the product).

Additional rules for XML (VAST) – interactive VPAID

The main specification is derived from the general rules for XML (VAST) - as mentioned above. It may also include interactive elements, such as games, buttons, special tracking, etc. (if allowed in the specifications of the advertisement product).

Design requirements

  1. The "Skip ad" feature is implemented within the Seznam.cz player and must not be a part of the ad.
  2. Buttons in the ad can not be placed in the area where Seznam.cz, a.s. player buttons are present.
  3. All interactive/functional elements within the ad must be working correctly.


  1. Each VPAID advertising with interactive elements is subject to approval by Seznam.cz, a.s.
  2. Advertising can not be deployed as videofloating.