Dynamický banner

These are product banners for e-shops, which have a corporate profile established by Firmy.cz and registration by Sklik.cz and Zboží.cz.

Product information is loaded into the banner from the XML feed Zboží.cz and e-shop information from the Firmy.cz.

The advertiser sets a advertiser template on the Sklik.cz interface, in which it can define the look of the banner (colors, font) and the banner slogan (description). And it also sets up targeting.

The advertisement goes to the iframe to ensure the set look of the banner.

Thanks to the connection with the feed and the setting of the XML feed update frequency in Zboží.cz, the offers are always up to date.

Important information for running dynamic retargeting

  1. have an account with Sklik.cz,
  2. set up, fill out a company profile and upload the establishment logo to Firmy.cz,
  3. register the e-shop on Zboží.cz or meet conditions for non-ecommerce (have at least 50 offers on the site) and fill in the form,
  4. create XML feed as specified,
  5. link Sklik.cz account to account in Zboží.cz,
  6. create Dynamic banner, see Sklik.cz Help.

Technical specifications


Design requirements

  1. Detailed requirements and an enumeration of the elements are given in the XML feed specification.
  2. The price must be stated as a whole amount in CZK.


  1. An advertiser must have at least 50 offers on their site.
  2. It is essential to produce a picture for each offer.
  3. It is not possible to display the price “from” (eg “from CZK 13,990”).
  4. The call-to-action button always contains the text "Koupit".
  5. The ads have a static image for example, the travel agency has a picture of a resort (hotel) and it may not be obvious at first glance whether it is Egypt, Greece, Turkey, etc. After moving the cursor to the offer, the name of the hotel will be displayed also without the destination.
    It can be solved by editing the image in a Mergado type tool, eg in the case of a travel agency, the destination can be captured by undisturbed placement of the flag of the respective state next to the hotel image, eg in a corner.
  6. Appropriate targeting is required to deliver advertising.

Target URL

One target URL address complying with the rules is required for each offer.

The accuracy of the XML feed for Zboží.cz can be tested in a validator. See Zboží.cz Help for possible validation results.

Validator for XML feed