Target URL


  1. Target URL must be fully functional and in accordance with the laws and the Constitution of the Czech Republic.
  2. The target URL must always link to a WWW page, i.e. it must not link to documents (PDF, Word, Excel), videos etc.
  3. The maximum length of an URL address is 512 characters.
  4. URL may not contain spaces.
  5. Should the URL address include any tracking parameters (such as Google Analytics utm_variables):
    • they must be added directly to the URL as a complete string,
    • or you can use the automatic tagging feature in the Sklik system.
  6. In Sklik, you can use the Measuring Template (Měřící šablona) for external measurements of clicks (using Adform, Adssets, DV360, Gemius etc). Because of the automatic extraction of the visible URL (and its display for text ads), measurements must not be part of the target URL.