Sklik – Bannerová reklama


The information on this page provides a simplified view of the advertising products (basic dimensions of the advertisement) listed in the Ad list.

The basic dimensions of a banner ad are published across the content network to various advertising spaces.

Technical specification

Before you begin production

Before starting the production of advertisement materials, please always make sure that you are not going to be promoting forbidden or otherwise limited content in the advertising space of (and its partner network).

The advertisement must comply with the general rules for creating advertisements.





  • 160×600 px – Image
  • 300×250 px – Image, HTML5
  • 300×600 px – Image, HTML5
  • 480×300 px – Image, HTML5
  • 728×90 px – Image, HTML5
  • 970×210 px – Image, HTML5
  • 970×310 px – Image, HTML5


  • 300×250 px – Image, HTML5
  • 300×300 px – Image, HTML5
  • 320×100 px – Image, HTML5
  • 480×480 px – Image, HTML5

Maximum data size

  • 150 kB – Image
  • 200 kB – HTML5

Design requirements

The creative in dimensions 160×600 px must not be animated.


The 160×600 px can be deployed in Image, Dynamic banner, Dynamic retargeting or Combined advertisement format (HTML5 and external display code not allowed).

Target URL

One target URL address complying with the rules is allowed.

Method of deployment

  • External XML base enabled as URL to XML file according to specification.
  • External display code allowed in compliance with the rules.
  • Physical file.

External impression tracking

Permitted in compliance with the rules URL with 1×1 px monitoring image.