The video automatically plays once without sound. If the user clicks the "unmute" icon, the sound starts playing. After the movie, video can be replayed by clicking on "Přehrát znovu" button (Play again). The user gets redirected to the target website by clicking anywhere in the advertisement space.

Where you can place the ad

Generally, the Outstream can be used on the following locations. But there are different combinations of assemblies for which the technical specification may be different. Specific assemblies can be found below in the technical specification.

Purchasing the advertising as Floating means that it is going to be deployed to all servers supporting it. The advertising can therefore show up on external partners’ servers as well.

Medium:Desktop with Mobile deliveryOnly Desktop
Channel:Direct saleRTBSklik
Server:Classic PrahaExpres FMFloatingGaráž.czKupi.czNovinky.czProženy.czSeznam ZprávySport.czSuper.cz

Advertising category


Technical specification

The following technical specification is valid for this assembly:

Desktop with Mobile delivery
Select another assembly

Before you begin production

Before starting the production of advertisement materials, please always make sure that you are not going to be promoting forbidden or otherwise limited content in the advertising space of Seznam.cz (and its partner network).

The advertisement must comply with the general rules for creating advertisements and must follow the creative specifications below.



Video (MP4)


720p (supported dimensions: 1280×720 px and 1920×1080 px)

Maximum data size

100 MB

Maximum length

60 seconds


Audio track enabled

Design requirements

Advertising may not contain foreign-language texts (only Czech allowed).

Target URL

One target URL address complying with the rules is allowed.

Method of deployment

Physical file.

External impression tracking

Permitted in compliance with the rules URL with 1×1 px monitoring image.

Additional information

If a video file (MP4) is provided, it is possible to measure "play up to 25 %", "50 %", "75 %", "100 % (playback completion)" actions by providing a URL for a 1×1 px tracking image that complies with the rules.