Kombinovaná reklama

Where you can place the ad

Medium:Desktop with Mobile delivery
Channel:Direct sale – non-guaranteedSklik

Technical specification

Before starting the production of advertisement materials, please always make sure that you are not going to be promoting forbidden or otherwise limited content in the advertising space of Seznam.cz (and its partner network).

The advertisement must comply with the general rules for creating advertisements and must follow the creative specifications below.


Required elements

Short titleText | 25 characters (including spaces)
Long titleText | 90 characters (including spaces)
DescriptionText | 90 characters (including spaces)
Company nameText | 25 characters (including spaces)
Illustrative picture – rectangleImage (GIF not animated, JPG, PNG) | 1200×628 px (with 1,91:1 aspect ratio; minimum dimension 600×314 px) | max. 1 MB
Illustrative picture – squareImage (GIF not animated, JPG, PNG) | 1200×1200 px (with 1:1 aspect ratio; minimum dimension 300×300 px) | max. 1 MB
Logo – rectangle (optional)Image (GIF not animated, JPG, PNG) | 1200×300 px (with 4:1 aspect ratio; minimum dimension 512×128 px) | max. 1 MB
Logo – square (optional)Image (GIF not animated, JPG, PNG) | 1200×1200 px (with 1:1 aspect ratio; minimum dimension 128×128 px) | max. 1 MB

Design requirements

  1. Some combinations of advertisements do not include a description. Therefore the Long title must be descriptive enough so that it is obvious what the advertisement's message is to the user.
  2. Illustrative pictures must not contain text (the picture or photo may only contain the original product texts, without any additions).
  3. The pictures must not contain an eshop logo (only the original logo of the manufacturer or product is allowed).
  4. The pictures must not contain any graphics resembling control elements (such as CTA buttons).
  5. The Illustrative picture must cover the entire area of the creative, without any white spaces to compensate for the image size.
  6. It is not appropriate to use a logo with a slogan written in lowercase.
  7. The Logo should contain the name of the company in text form.
  8. The rectangular logo must not be inserted into the square area and vice versa.
  9. The Logo must be located in the assets in a way that it covers the entire area (without any unnecessary borders).
  10. The Logo must have a transparent or white background.


  1. The Combined advertising never shows all the creatives at once. Sklik always picks and shows the combination of texts and pictures that is best suited for a given advertisement space and ensures the maximum performance.
  2. The Company name may contain the business name or a trademark. If the campaign is connected with Firmy.cz, the name will be filled in automatically.
  3. It is not guaranteed that the image and logo will be displayed in each advertisement (the display is automatically selected based on the advertisement area's purpose, the advertisement might be displayed without a picture).
  4. It is not possible to use a banner or a website screenshot as an Illustrative picture.
  5. On some advertisement spaces (such as the Seznam.cz homepage), the picture might get cropped by a factor of about 7 %. The main graphical message should therefore be centered and the important visual elements should not be located on the edges.
  6. The usage of the Logo is optional. If no logo is submitted, the Company name is displayed instead.
  7. The advertisement might also display the favicon and domain of your website (this information is automatically extracted from the target URL).

Target URL

One target URL address complying with the rules is allowed.

Method of deployment

Physical file.

External impression tracking

Permitted in compliance with the rules URL with 1×1 px monitoring image.